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The AmeriCorps Alums Policy Page is designed to help alumni and current members to learn about the congressional issues that matter most to national service movement and AmeriCorps Alums.

Current Issues:

  1. Save Service


AmeriCorps Alums in D.C. is fighting for your right to serve America.

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  1. Eric Christiansen permalink
    March 24, 2009 6:04 pm

    AmeriCorps was probably the best time I have ever had in my life. I grew up and learned so much while making the biggest impact possible on my surroundings. My fellow team mate Sharon and I from Red 8 went back to Charleston to say goodbye to the SouthEast campus of NCCC last year. It was an emotional roller coaster of good memories that I still cherish.

    If the team project books would help in passing the legislation please let me know as I saved my teams books. I have yet to digitize them but hopefully in the short near future they will be available for all to view on a website that I will be posting. Maybe I will put them on my facebook and myspace accounts.

    It is an amazing look back at where I was in life at that point. I think EVERY young person in the US should participate in this program as it benefits everyone. I know that I was not ready to goto college before joining AmeriCorps, but I was ready once I finished. I ended up going from a dismal high school performance to a stellar Graduate Degree completion.

    Without AmeriCorps I fear I would have lost my way a long time ago.


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