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4 Ways You Can Help Save AmeriCorps Funding

March 17, 2017

4wayssave-blog3As reported by many news outlets, yesterday, the Trump administration released its “America First Budget – a blueprint for 2018 federal spending”.


The budget proposes funding reductions for numerous government agencies while funding for 19 agencies will be completely eliminated – including the Corporation for National and Community Service.


As AmeriCorps alumni, we all have personal stories on how our service has impacted our lives, our career and our community. On the heels of AmeriCorps Week, we also know that AmeriCorps has proven financial and community impact and is necessary this year and beyond.


There are many steps in the political process between the President’s proposal and actual law for fiscal year 2018 – but we do know that the best way to ensure continued bipartisan support is to raise our voices in support of national service and against the proposed cuts.


Here are 4 ways you can help save AmeriCorps funding:

  1. Contact Your Members of Congress – Using easy tools from Voices for National Service, you can email, call, or write a letter to your representatives. This is especially important if your congressional representatives are on the appropriations committee. Click here to view House and Senate committee members.
  2. Share Your AmeriCorps Story – Share your AmeriCorps experience with your personal and social networks. This shows the importance of AmeriCorps to non-alums and encourages fellow alums who may not be connected with us directly to take action. Alums like Adwoa or on our Twitter feed have shared recently.
  3. Publish an Organizational Statement – If you work for a nonprofit or company that supports national service or AmeriCorps members, consider publishing an organizational statement in support of AmeriCorps. Points of Light, Service Year and Voices for National Service have all published statements that can be used for reference.
  4. Reach Out to Your Local Paper – Write a letter to your local paper that talks about how service has impacted you and/or your local community. Specifically talk about why your legislature should continue to support AmeriCorps. The Voices for National Service toolkit has a template to guide you.


Click here to view the full action toolkit from Voices of National Service.


Faced with adversity, we will persevere. AmeriCorps Alums stands in full support of AmeriCorps and we invite every alumni to use your voice to support your legacy of service and opportunities for others to serve.


In Service,

AmeriCorps Alums


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