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Turn Your AmeriCorps Service into a Career as an Expert Urban Teacher

February 23, 2017

Today’s sponsored blog is written by Urban Teachers. Through Urban Teachers, participants receive a $20,000 stipend during the first year, earn a Master of Science in Education degree from Johns Hopkins University, can earn up to two Segal Education Awards and receive a full teacher’s salary and benefits. Join the webinar on Monday, 3/20 at 9PM eastern to hear from current participants who are City Year, AmeriCorps alums.



Tierra Woods served in City Year New York City before launching her teaching career in Baltimore with Urban Teachers’ teacher preparation program. Tierra compares the Urban Teachers program to medical school. Woods says,

“You’re in the classroom kind of like you’re a surgeon; you’re in the ER.”



Tierra Woods, City Year NYC alum

She is learning how to be an expert teacher through a year-long residency where she receives over 1,500 hours of practice as a co-teacher before taking on her own classroom. Tierra served as a resident in the same school where she now serves as a first-year, 4th grade math teacher. Her coach, who was born and raised in Baltimore, helps Tierra better understand her students and their families. Woods learned how to be “clear, explicit and always follow through” in order to be effective in the classroom.  Listen to the full WYPR story about Tierra here.



Urban Teachers believes that every child deserves a great teacher, every time.  To improve teacher quality in urban schools, Urban Teachers, in partnership with Johns Hopkins University, the 2nd ranked graduate school of education in the country, provides a Master’s of Science of Education.


Participants make a four-year commitment; a residency year, followed by three-years of teaching in a high-need urban public or charter school, three years of one on one coaching, job placement and a cohort of colleagues to go through the process with across an entire city.  By holding participants accountable at every stage of the program, students receive highly qualified, effective teachers who are ready and able to improve student outcomes—just like Tierra in Baltimore.








When you join Urban Teachers, you are starting a journey to become one of the most expert and results-oriented teachers for high-need urban schools. Our participants assume leadership roles early in their careers and join us in making the case for better teacher preparation and educator accountability nationwide. Our teachers are drivers of change in the communities in which they work.


Starting with three sites, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Dallas/Fort Worth, Urban Teachers is redesigning teacher preparation to build a highly effective urban teacher workforce.  Since our inception in 2010, Urban Teachers has welcomed nearly 690 residents into our program, serving more than 17,500 students across 144 public schools.  The results of our program are more committed teachers, higher retention and improved student outcomes.



Angel Crockett, City Year LA alum

The efficacy of our teachers is best seen through the individual impact they have on their students. Angel Crockett of Urban Teachers’ DC Cohort 2016, and former City Year Los Angeles Corps member shared, “Throughout the first semester, one student was constantly walking out of class because she was upset.  I would be there to calm her down and bring her back inside. This caused her to frequently miss instruction, be the subject of bullying from other students, and lose confidence in herself. School administration scheduled a functional behavior assessment for her, but the results never came and we were back at square one with trying to find what would work best for her. Other staff around the school, including my host teacher and myself, came together to create a daily behavior tracker that allowed the student to monitor and assess her own behavior at different points in the day and have check-ins with me to ensure that she always has someone to go to when she is feeling upset. Since then, she has been able to remain in class for the majority of the day, begin improving her relationships with other students, and make academic gains. Though there is still room to improve, step one was letting her know that she had someone in the classroom that is always in the corner rooting for her.”



Angel’s unwavering commitment to her student and effectiveness in building a plan to help her is what being an Urban Teacher is all about.


Urban Teachers is now an AmeriCorps Affiliate program which means participants can earn up to two years of additional AmeriCorps service and may be eligible for up to two Segal AmeriCorps awards towards the cost of tuition.  Urban Teachers is also a charter member of Employers of National Service.


To learn more, join a webinar with AmeriCorps Alums who are now teachers at Urban Teachers and to learn about Urban Teachers’ AmeriCorps Affiliate Program, March 20 at 9PM ESTClick here to register.

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