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AmeriCorps Alums Announces 2016 AmeriCorps Alums Eli Segal Leadership Award Winners

September 22, 2016

AmeriCorps Alums is pleased to announce two recipients of the 2016 AmeriCorps Alums Eli Segal Leadership Award: Bria Price of Washington, D.C. and Tanika Lynch of Baltimore, MD.  The award is named in honor of Eli Segal – known as the “father of AmeriCorps” and the first CEO of Corporation for National and Community Service. New in 2016, it was designated to recognize emerging leaders who demonstrated strong collaboration and leadership potential during their AmeriCorps service, and a commitment to equity and an impact career. In addition, the awardees are also named Segal Fellows as part of a strategic partnership with the Eli J. Segal Citizen Leadership Program.201609-sep-18-segal_0497

Ben Duda, Co-Executive Director of AmeriCorps Alums notes, “Bria and Tanika are uniquely driven to make a difference in communities and for young people.  For both, their AmeriCorps experience played a formative role in shaping their worldview and their aspirations. On behalf of AmeriCorps Alums, we’re so pleased to invest in their leadership development and work together to shape how we address issues of equity and impact.”

Mary Bruce, Co-Executive Director adds, “We’re thrilled to have the 2016 awardees based in the DC region, and see exciting synergy opportunities as we look to advance the importance of a service year, the role that service can play in creating opportunities for all, and how AmeriCorps alums are uniquely suited to be the talent pipeline for the nonprofit sector.  Bria and Tanika fully embody those ideals.”

More about the 2016 AmeriCorps Alums Eli Segal Leadership Awardees, pictured above Tanika Lynch & Bria Price (L to R):

Tanika Lynch, a Playworks ’16 AmeriCorps alum, is currently in the Urban Teacher residency program at City Springs Elementary / Middle School in Baltimore where she is team-teaching in a 5th grade classroom.  She shared, “The communities AmeriCorps seeks to support are often under-resourced and in a state of disrepair. Non-profits that seek to make communities safer, stronger, and healthier must first understand how racism and other tools of oppression have counteracted each of those goals. With that in mind, they are then able to address root causes. Whereas the private sector has a fiscal bottom line, non-profits are able to get closer to the heart of the people.” Tanika holds a long term interest in the intersection of education, incarceration, and community development.

Bria Price, a City Year ’15, ‘16 AmeriCorps alum, currently works at City Year as an Impact Manager where she’s deeply invested in creating a powerful culture of learning for AmeriCorps members at the Johnson Middle School in Washington DC.  Bria shares, “Service is the gateway to consistent learning and growth if investment is for your community first, the world second and you third.  I could not be successful at one unless I was successful at all, but to do so required growth in me as a leader.” Bria envisions a career that merges social justice, education, and the arts.

The prestigious Eli J. Segal Citizen Leadership Program hosted the 2016 Fellows Orientation on Sunday September 18, where program Executive Director, Tam Emerson, was able to see Bria and Tanika in action. Tam, a 2008 Segal Fellow and City Year ’07, ’08 AmeriCorps alum shares, “The 2016 AmeriCorps Alums Eli Segal Leadership Awardees are impressive citizen leaders and we’re eager for them to join our national Network, engage with the other AmeriCorps Segal Fellows in their cohort, and collaborate with the other 80+ Segal Fellows across sectors and the world to discuss real solutions for our current societal problems.”  The Eli J. Segal Program engages emerging leaders from four other partner streams and provides personal mentorship, cross-sector professional development, and inter-generational networking for a lifetime.


About AmeriCorps Alums:

AmeriCorps Alums is a powerful network of diverse alums that supports & equips each other to get things done so that all people can thrive in strong communities.  AmeriCorps Alums is the only national network for alumni of all AmeriCorps programs and celebrates the 1 millionth alumni this October 7th.  A business unit of Points of Light – connect with AmeriCorps Alums at and Facebook + Twitter + LinkedIn + Blog.


About the Eli J. Segal Citizen Leadership Program:

Named in honor of the first CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service and one of the first champions of national service, based at Brandeis University, the Eli J Segal Fellows Program provides emerging leaders an opportunity to join a community of like-minded change-makers. These leaders collaborate across sectors and topic areas to break down silos and create solutions in the pursuit of a more just and equitable world.

There are over 90 inspiring, diverse, and multi-generational fellows who are already leaders in their communities as well as a network of over 500 Founders and program partners. In addition to AmeriCorps Alums, Fellows gain entry to the program through partnerships with diverse leaders from Brandeis, City Year, CNCS, and Service Year Alliance. For more information about the program, please visit

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