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Four Reasons To Advance Your Career in Health Care in 2016

April 27, 2016

2U logoToday’s sponsored blog post comes from 2U’s partner universities’ online health care programs. AmeriCorps alumni are eligible to receive a $5,000 tuition benefit upon acceptance and enrollment into any 2U-powered program. For more information on the health care programs outlined below, click here.

With the fields of health care and public health evolving each year, there has never been a better time to advance your career in either field. Below, see four trends that are shaping the health industry today, and learn how to pursue graduate school training to meet those needs.

  1. More community clinics and urgent care facilities are opening.

In 2016, health systems are expected to open more low-cost care settings, such as community clinics and urgent care facilities, than they have in the past. These changes are in response to an industry-wide effort to reduce health costs and to the widely acknowledged belief that these non-traditional facilities improve overall access to health care and consumer satisfaction.

With these facilities increasing in number, the demand for qualified nurse practitioners to run them is also increasing. Nursing@Georgetown prepares registered nurses to be advanced practice nurses who can effectively lead a variety of health care facilities. This online program offers nurses the opportunity to advance their career with a graduate degree from Georgetown University without having to relocate.

  1. Leaders are needed to prevent and manage public health crises.

Significant public health challenges have dominated the news in past years, including concerns over climate change, clean drinking water, the Zika virus and opioid abuse. Public health leaders are needed to help both local and global communities address these issues.

MPH@GW, the online Master of Public Health program at the George Washington University, prepares students with the knowledge and skills they need to make a meaningful difference with regard to public health issues at home and around the world. With curriculum designed and taught by distinguished GW faculty, this online program helps aspiring public health leaders take the next step without putting their lives and careers on hold.

elizabeth arnoldRegistered nurse and current MPH@GW student Elizabeth Arnold says, “I have been volunteering on mission trips for a good majority of my life, and I always knew I wanted to be a nurse and work in a global health arena. After months of research, I decided that I wanted to enhance my passion by furthering my education and earning an MPH after I graduated with my nursing degree. This passion has continued to be fueled by my trip to Haiti during nursing school and the education that I have been receiving here at GW.”

  1. Technological advances are taking health care to a new level.

Health care delivery is not the same as it was a decade ago. With expanding health care systems, electronic medical records giving us new data that will influence patient and community outcomes, and telemedicine continuing to evolve and spread, we need health administrators to lead organizations and health systems with these initiatives in mind.

MHA@GW, the online Master of Health Administration program at the George Washington University, provides experienced health care professionals with the tools they need to hold executive positions and help their organizations optimize health care delivery. With this online program, students will connect with GW faculty in live face-to-face classes and learn from their peers’ different experiences in the health care field.

  1. The Affordable Care Act is causing an increase in demand for FNPs.

Since the major provisions of the federal Affordable Care Act took effect, insurance coverage has increased across the board, with a net total of 16.9 million people becoming newly enrolled through February 2015 according to a new RAND Corporation study.

With more Americans insured, more health care professionals are needed to provide preventative care and treatment. Nursing@Simmons develops family nurse practitioners who can deliver holistic care across the life span. Using cutting-edge technology and a state-of-the-art learning platform, this online program offers nurses across the country the opportunity to advance their careers and effectively perform as primary health care providers.

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Advance your career in health care or public health by earning a graduate degree with one of these esteemed online programs. As an AmeriCorps alum, you are eligible for scholarship opportunities, which are outlined on our website.

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