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5 Last-Minute Costume Ideas for AmeriCorps Alums

October 30, 2015

Happy, Halloween! If you’re scrambling for a costume, here are a few ideas to show off your AmeriCorps roots.

These chainsaw-certified alums from the Southwest Conservation Corps make us think there’s a few NCCC or Conservation Corps alums out there who could safely pull off this costume.



Of course, you could go more traditional, and strike a pose that’s a throwback to your service days.


And we always did think this guy’s shield, would look better with an Alums “A” on it, since alums are some of the most patriotic people we know! Who’s ready for Captain AmeriCorps?


We also think AmeriCorps VISTA nailed it when they called their alums Lifesavers and Smarties.


Last but not least, if you’re trick or treating with a future AmeriCorps alum, take the opportunity to show how much we care.


Whatever your costume winds up being, we hope you have a Happy Halloween!

Today’s blog was created with the support of AmeriCorps Alums’ volunteer Alyssa Estrada.



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