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Reminder to Congress: AmeriCorps Matters and AmeriCorps Alums Rock

June 24, 2015

Ben and Mary HeadshotToday’s blog is written by AmeriCorps Alums Co-Executive Directors Ben Duda and Mary Bruce. 

Why is Congress slashing AmeriCorps when it’s one of America’s most important service initiatives and leadership pipelines? House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy says he is “always proud of the number of (young people) who want to dedicate their lives to serve our nation,” and that we “must equip [them] with the skills to become great leaders.” Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell says “our nation is in desperate need of leadership.” 

For 20 years, Congress has supported AmeriCorps. It has had a strong bipartisan history—at the White House, on the Hill, and from mayors and governors across the country. Research shows AmeriCorps alums learn key skills that America needs through their service. Universities get this: they recruit AmeriCorps alums in drovesEmployers get this: more than 200 have already joined “Employers of National Service,” and next week, employers from across the country are coming together to recruit talent that was “made in AmeriCorps.” 

But this past week members of Congress proposed drastic budget cutsSomehow, Congress forgot something they already knew: AmeriCorps matters and AmeriCorps alums rock. 

Nearly 1 million of us have served – and we serve, for life. We become White House appointees, state legislators, urban farmers, pediatricians, and Pentagon officials. We work at high-tech companies, universities, and nonprofits. We were “made in AmeriCorps.” We took our pledge seriously to “get things done for America.” And we’re not slowing down.

We need your help to #Stand4Service and support America’s future leaders.

  1. Tweet your Congressional representatives to stand up for service and invest in America’s future leaders.
  2. Help support America’s leadership pipeline by celebrating the more 70,000 currently serving members and the AmeriCorps members that have recently graduated to become alums.
  3. Be loud. Be proud. Let everyone know you served. Put AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Alums on your social media profiles. Join AmeriCorps Alums. Have your Ameri-friends do the same.

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