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5 Reasons to Date an AmeriCorps Alum

February 14, 2015

Today’s guest post comes  from AmeriCorps alum, Ken Tran, and is updated from his blog published with us on February 13, 2012. Ken previously served as AmeriCorps Alums’ External Relations Coordinator. Ken now works as the Social Media Coordinator for Equinox. 

Valentine’s Day/ Singles Awareness Day is tomorrow and it’s a holiday that resonates well in our hearts at AmeriCorps Alums. The chocolates, roses, and cards are all great, but what we really LOVE is seeing the service that’s continued to be modeled by our alums. We give back to the country that we love and continue to serve because we love to do it.

Along the way, some of us even met our future partner from serving side by side during our service years. Obviously, with all of our skills and service experiences under our belts,  AmeriCorps alums make GREAT dates.

Still got that special someone in your eye, but don’t know how to sell your amazing assets to them? Don’t want to spend this holiday all by yourself? No worries! We’ve found the top 5 reasons that’ll make your AmeriCorps service jumpstart your love life.

Here are the top 5 reasons to date an AmeriCorps alum this Valentine’s Day:

  1. We’ve been prescreened: With nearly 1 million AmeriCorps members since 1994, we’re part of an exclusive pool of dateable service leaders who’ve got plenty of interesting life experiences to share. In the recent year, over 500,000 people applied for only 80,000 AmeriCorps positions, so there’s already a quality niche group that’s been prescreened! Your future partner won’t have to worry that they’re dating someone who’s apathetic and indifferent about giving back to their community. Instead, they’ll have an active and engaged leader who’s ready to take on any challenge.
  2. We have fun serving: With so many alums committed to a lifetime of service, we have got plenty of date ideas! Whether it be house building or helping out teens, serving in our communities is a lot of fun when you’re doing it with your boo thang.
  3. We continue to get things done: We’re still doing great work in our community. If your future partner is looking for proof of commitment and dedication, look no further!
  4. We don’t take a day off: It’s always a day ON for us. The same mentality we have for service carries on into our relationships. We serve to meet critical needs, so some TLC will surely be provided to our PYT’s.
  5. We are low maintenance: Your future dates don’t have to worry about any gold diggers in this bunch. We have committed one, two, even three years of service and it’s definitely not for the paycheck! Our NCCC alums have worked and stayed in a variety of spaces, including church basements and gym floors, during disaster recovery projects, so we are used to making the most of what we got. We’ve got class, but we’re not bourgie!

Did we miss other great qualities that AmeriCorps alums possess?  Let us know in the comments below!



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