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15 Videos To Inspire Service in 2015

January 1, 2015

Making a list of New Year’s resolutions? Here are 15 videos to inspire you to add service to your list!

1. President Obama proclaims, “People who love their country can change it. That’s the genius of America!” Relive one of the best moment from the 20th anniversary of AmeriCorps.

2. PBS NewsHour interviews President Bill Clinton and AmeriCorps Alums National Leadership Award Winner Matthew Little about the impact of AmeriCorps.

3. General McChrystal shares a big idea: What would happen if all Americans have an opportunity and an expectation to serve?

4. From the school of hard knocks to helping break the cycle of poverty by serving in AmeriCorps, hear Germain Castellanos give a service testimonial at the Franklin Project’s Summit at Gettysburg.

5. City Year celebrates #makingbetterhappen for 25 years .

6. Food Corps introduces a rebellious idea to kids: growing and eating vegetables can be fun and not a chore. Watch AmeriCorps alum Caroline Stover convince the students in her classroom.

7. What can we build together? Find out with Habitat for Humanity about the power of engaged volunteers.

8. If you want to connect with veterans living near you, watch how one veteran volunteer does it in “Vets Helping Vets.”

9. Service is at the forefront of innovation. Learn more about how the Social Innovation Fund helps find solutions that work.

10. A gift of $20 from an eight-year-old changed his community. Hear why  Miles Eckert, honored as a Daily Point of Light, found a $20 bill on the ground and paid it forward.

11. “We have an incredible Corps of citizens,” says AmeriCorps alum and Mayor of Flint, Dayne Walling, as he accepts a 2014 Friends of National Service Award from Voices for National Service.  How many national service alums do you think are leading that Corps of citizens?

12. The world doesn’t need to be saved, says AmeriCorps alum and CEO of Virgin Unite, Jean Oelwang, it needs to be “reinvented.”

13. Alums are the “untold story of the impact of national service,” says AmeriCorps Alums Co-Executive Director, Ben Duda, as he reflects on 9/11 and the patriotic response that inspired hundreds to join AmeriCorps.

Ben Huff Po Live snip

14. If you missed the 20th anniversary of AmeriCorps, there’s still time to get involved for the 50th anniversary of AmeriCorps VISTA. Find out how in this video.

15. AmeriCorps Alums Co-Executive Director, Mary Bruce, says “Thanks for serving” during the 20th anniversary of AmeriCorps. And we can’t wait to share your stories of service in 2015.


Did we miss a great video that could inspire service? Share it with us in the comments!


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