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We Found Our Calling In Service: Blog 4 of the #Iamthe20th Series

August 1, 2014

Today’s guest blogs come from alums who shared stories on and mark our fourth blog in the #Iamthe20th series! Do you want your AmeriCorps program or Alums chapter to be featured next? It’s easy! Take a picture with our #Iamthe20th sign, post it on social media with the hashtag #Iamthe20th, and email your blog to!


Loretta Salazar-Morgan and Dan Morgan

Loretta and husband pic.finalWhy did you share a story on

We were asked to, but we continue to support AmeriCorps and National Community Service programs. If we can encourage a young person to change their own life and make a difference in the community, we are all for it!

Where did you serve and where are you now?

THEN: We both served in AmeriCorps NCCC at the Denver campus. Dan was in Class I and II; I was in class II and III. We have been together since meeting in year II.

NOW: We are now married with three young boys. We currently live in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Describe how you were #MadeInAmeriCorps in six words.

Skills & lessons learned to make a difference

Holly Lucas

Holly LucasWhy did you share a story on

I shared my story because I wanted to share my experience as an AmeriCorps*VISTA in the Appalachia Region of Kentucky and to share how AmeriCorps*VISTA has helped me land an amazing government job.

Where did you serve and where are you now?

THEN: I served in Morehead, Kentucky at Morehead Gateway Helping Hands Food Bank and Outreach Center (February 2013 to February 2014).

Now: Now, I am getting ready to start a new job at the Social Security Administration.  I have lived in Poverty my whole life.  Because of AmeriCorps*VISTA, I was able to grow professionally and personally, and now I have the opportunity to better my life and lift myself up out of Poverty with this new job.

Describe how you were #MadeInAmeriCorps in six words.

AmeriCorps has changed my life forever!

Philip Kolling

Phil PicWhy did you share a story on

I shared my story because AmeriCorps Alums are EVERYWHERE in Vermont, and most of us are not recognized as such. People don’t realize how many AmeriCorps Alums live in Vermont, and how many work in our social sector. I want all of Vermont’s AmeriCorps Alums to stand up and join me and be recognized.

Where are you serving and where do you hope to go next?

  • Then: I served in Vermont as a VISTA in the Vermont Youth Tomorrow program in 2007. I also served with the Maine Conservation Corps as an AmeriCorps State member in 2008. I had no kids and lived in tents, and I didn’t recognize at the time just how awesome of a life I was living.

Now: I am still very involved in AmeriCorps as Executive Director of SerVermont, Vermont’s Commission on National and Community Service. Now I have two young boys, and live in a house with solid walls. Now, I truly understand how awesome my time as an AmeriCorps member was, and while I love my life, I know it will be at least 20 years until living in a tent is once again a viable life choice.

Describe how you were #MadeInAmeriCorps in six words.

I learned how the world works.

Rachel Diskin

Rachel DiskinWhy did you share a story on

I heard about the project at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service and thought it was a great idea. AmeriCorps has been the single most influential thing in my professional life, so I wanted to help out the AmeriCorps Alums mission!

Where did you serve and where are you now?

Then: 1st Term of Service – Habitat for Humanity- Greater Columbus (Columbus, Ohio), ReStore Volunteer Coordinator 2nd Term of Service- Ohio Association of Foodbanks (Columbus, Ohio), VISTA Leader

Now: Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Corps Program Director at the Community Economic Development Association of Michigan (CEDAM)

Describe how you were #MadeInAmeriCorps in six words.

Found my calling in national service.

Stephanie Manciagli

Stephanie M PicWhy did you share a story on

I shared because I am eager to participate in a dialogue that encourages individuals to make service to their communities a priority and a lifestyle.

Where did you serve and where are you now?

Then: AmeriCorps State (2011-2012): Resource Development Coordinator, Points of Light

Now:  Training and Consulting Coordinator, Points of Light

Describe how you were #MadeInAmeriCorps in six words.

I’m equipped to make lasting change.


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