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AmeriCorps Alums’ Potential Remains Untapped: Support Them Today

June 13, 2014

Ana Estrada HeadshotToday’s guest post comes to us from Ana Estrada, AmeriCorps NCCC alumnus and chair of the AmeriCorps Alums National Advisory Council.  This blog is part of AmeriCorps Alums’ REALTalk series on race, equity, and AmeriCorps alumni as leaders. She is also currently the Director of Programs and Customer Relations for the Kiely Group, an organizational effectiveness consulting group. Ana received her BA in Economics and Spanish from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and studied abroad in Mexico, Spain and Brazil; and received her Master of Public Administration degree from USC. For over ten years, Ana, has worked in private and public sectors. Her passion is to work with individuals, teams, organizations and communities to create equitable environments where all people have the opportunity to thrive. You can learn more about Ana’s work on our leadership page. 

If you knew there were one million Americans eager to change the world, would you leave that talent and passion on the sidelines? Last week, we released a national survey of AmeriCorps Alums and learned that while three in four alums want careers that change the world, we estimate that  two in three young alumni do not have the professional development supports they need to transition to life after AmeriCorps based on survey responses. We have to do more—which is why I’m joining AmeriCorps alumni across the country to donate to support the career growth of alumni.

Alums AcceleratorDonations to AmeriCorps Alums are investments in the citizen leaders that are already leading our schools, communities, businesses, and governments to make a positive impact. Alums Katie Brown and Jonathan Crossley were named 2014 Teachers of the Year, while alum Regina Best builds houses with Habitat for Humanity even while house-sitting until she finds her own house, and alum Jamiel L. Alexander serves as President of YouthBuild National Alumni Council. There are countless examples of AmeriCorps alums committed to a lifetime of service. AmeriCorps Alums is the only national network of alumni of all AmeriCorps Alums connecting these alums to the ideas, resources, and people they need to succeed. Three in four alums want to change the world. Let’s help turn those ideals into actions today.

We have an opportunity not only to jump start a young alum’s career but also to support more experienced alums looking to advance their careers to make a greater impact. As nonprofits and government agencies continue to search for diverse leaders, AmeriCorps alums, who are more racially diverse than the U.S. population, are an ideal talent pool. We can help diversify nonprofit board members, CEOs, and foundation officers. For example, a $20 donation can sponsor one alum’s participation in a career webinar, such as “Translating AmeriCorps onto Your Resume,” that helps land his or her first job after service. A gift of $100 sponsors twenty alums’ participation in a Virtual Career School Fair, connecting them to schools that match the scholarship they earned through AmeriCorps.

Updated Group Alums Pic

30 AmeriCorps alum leaders gathered at Summit at Gettysburg, a conference promoting service with 300 leaders from across the public and private sectors

AmeriCorps members embrace the challenge to make America stronger. They lead education, environmental, disaster relief, healthy living, economic opportunity, and other social initiatives across public and private sectors. Let’s change how America values service and give to dedicated civic leaders today.

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