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Brandeis’ Heller School: Educating National Service Alums for Impact Careers

April 29, 2014

Many AmeriCorps alumni have chosen Brandeis’ Heller School for Social Policy & Management to expand their professional skills and knowledge.  Why?  Well, for starters the Heller School offers a guaranteed minimum 50% tuition scholarship for all AmeriCorps alumni enrolled in either the MPP or MBA in Nonprofit Management programs, which is worth over $21,000 based on 2013 tuition rates.  AmeriCorps alumni are also considered for full tuition scholarships based on their desire to continue serving.

Heller School grad student Ricky Ochilo

Heller School student Ricky Ochilo

Ricky Ochilo, an AmeriCorps alum, shares, “I chose the Heller School because they epitomize the tenet of social responsibility. One example of this is the Heller School’s commitment to affordable education. They provide approximately $21,900 in aid annually to each AmeriCorps alumnus enrolled in the MPP and MBA program, which has made my education experience significantly more affordable.  Additionally, the background and experience from my service [in AmeriCorps] has enabled me to better understand the principles and theories being taught because I can apply them to real-world examples.  This is essential to the policy debate and part of devising workable solutions for the public good.”  When asked what made the Heller school the right fit for him, Ricky believes that it provides its students with the “potential to cultivate and inform social policy at both a local and national level to ignite citizen leadership.”


AmeriCorps Alum Pa Kong Lee

AmeriCorps Alum, Pa Kong Lee

Not to be overshadowed by the significant financial incentives, the Heller School provides an education experience that complements the AmeriCorps experience and allows alumni to thrive in the school’s environment. Pa Kong Lee, another alum at the Heller School,  emphasized that her experiences as an AmeriCorps VISTA gave her skills and knowledge, as well as a passion for development, that’s required be successful at the Heller School. Pa Kong has found that her time in AmeriCorps has given her stories and a point-of-view that frequently contribute to the content of her coursework.

The Heller School helps its students acquire the necessary skills to confront the relevant social and economic challenges today, as well as cultivating a strong professional network for a growing pool of AmeriCorps alumni. This program is a great fit for AmeriCorps alumni because it rewards your service experience, and builds upon the skills acquired in AmeriCorps. If you are interested in exploring opportunities at the Heller School further, learn more about their commitment to national service alumni here.

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