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An Internship Worth The Commute

April 9, 2014

Sarah.GinsbergMy friends think I’m crazy- I am a second semester senior at the University of Georgia and two days a week, I spend four hours in the car driving from Athens to my internship in Atlanta at AMERICORPS ALUMS and back to Athens. Though this internship has tallied up the miles on my odometer, it has also provided me with tangible experiences in nonprofit communications. I have refined my writing skills, learned how to plan and host webinars, prepared and proofread newsletters, and collaborated with the rest of the team to launch new initiatives for the alumni community.

In addition to these practical skills, this internship has prepared me for my upcoming service as a member of the AmeriCorps community. I feel like I have received an early induction into the AmeriCorps family. In June, I will begin service with the AmeriCorps program, Teach for America. Though I thought it might be ‘backwards’ to work with an alumni association for a program that I was not yet an alumni of (or even officially a member of yet), I have found it incredibly useful and inspiring.
This internship has given me access to exploring the impact Alums make after they finish their service. My stint in Teach for America is only for two years- but as I have observed from researching so many different Alums, the impact AmeriCorps Alums make does not end when their service does. The exposure to so many different opportunities, from government to the private sector to nonprofits, has shown me that I will be able to leverage my AmeriCorps experience into the kind of career I want to have- the kind that makes a difference in communities. Sometimes it feels like I am trying to keep doing service as long as I can before settling into a ‘real’ job- but this internship has shown me plenty of 2014.04.09 Commutecareer opportunities that can make a sustainable impact on this world.

So, yes- I could have gotten over 130 hours (5 days) more sleep or Netflix this semester, but I’m so grateful for the opportunities and experiences that AmeriCorps has afforded me. I do not regret signing up for the tedious commute, for the inspiration that I come across every day at this job has simply made me more excited to join the corps officially and serve my country the next two years as part of such an impactful organization. Beyond that, I can’t wait to become an AmeriCorps Alum- and keep serving my country after my service with Teach for America ends.

AMERICORPS ALUMS is currently recruiting summer interns for two positions this summer.  Learn more about those positions here: Media & Communications Intern, Strategy & Development Intern

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  1. May 4, 2014 8:13 pm

    Reblogged this on The Life & Times of Ice and commented:
    Yay AmeriCorps! Changing Lives! #Water7 #Water1 #NCCC #Denver #Class17 #PeacenLove

  2. May 29, 2014 6:29 pm

    This is pure dedication and humility! Hope you’re enjoying your years of service at TFA!

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