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Meet Kate Lambert, Michigan’s AmeriCorps Alum of the Month

September 16, 2013

Today’s post originally appeared on the Michigan Community Service Commission page.  To view the original post, click here.

Kate Lambert, Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Corps 2010-2012

Kate Lambert, Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Corps 2010-2012

Kate Lambert Lee had been employed for fourteen years in the management field, when she suddenly lost her job. All of the jobs for which she had the qualifications and experience required the degree she never finished when she started her family. Unsure of how she would be able to return to school and support her family, Kate decided to become a full-time AmeriCorps member with the Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Corps, where she served from 2010-2012.

The Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Corps places AmeriCorps members at foreclosure counseling agencies throughout Michigan to help increase the agencies’ ability to serve homeowners facing foreclosure. Members take on critical support functions such as intake, triage, community outreach, education, and volunteer recruitment. As a result of their service, Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Corps members allow certified, nonprofit foreclosure counselors to focus on their core mission – increasing the number of clients served.

2013.09.16.Foreclosure Help“As an AmeriCorps member, I learned about many of the programs that are designed to help individuals going through similar situations,” Kate stated. “I realized there were many opportunities that are not always known that can help individuals and families recover quickly from a significant financial crisis.” During her two terms of service, Kate saw many of her neighbors experiencing similar challenges that she had successfully overcome. “Often this common experience allowed me to connect more easily and assist the homeowners that were facing foreclosure. I was able become a certified housing counselor and offer more support to the agency and community I was serving.” After two years of AmeriCorps, Kate was offered and accepted a permanent position with the agency where she served.

“Serving as an AmeriCorps member while returning to college allowed me to work toward my Bachelor’s degree and gain real life experience in a field I have found to be life-changing and empowering for many of our clients.” Kate is happy to be able to say that she will have finished her Bachelor’s degree without any student debt. She also has $9,900 she is considering using toward a Master of Arts in Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education. “This is something I did not think was a possibility five years ago. I make sure to share this with all the individuals I work with who are considering returning to complete their degree!”

Kate continues to promote a spirit of service in a variety of ways. “I share my experience as an AmeriCorps member and the impact that a single individual can make helping their community. Many younger people may not have the experience needed to enter the work force; I let them know that AmeriCorps is a great way to help gain experience, build your resume, and feel like you are making a difference in the lives of others. I am proud to say that many of the individuals I work with today have begun volunteering in our community.”

For more information about the Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Corps, contact program director Rachel Diskin at For more information about AmeriCorps, visit

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