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If You Are A Social Entrepreneur, This Program Might Be For You!

August 21, 2013
Grace Andrews

Grace Andrews, AmeriCorps Alum, and co-founder of Graph Alchemist

Are you an AmeriCorps Alum who has launched a social enterprise?  (social enterprise: a social mission driven organization (for-profit or nonprofit) which applies market-based strategies to achieve a social purpose.)  If you are looking to take your organization or business to the next level, you should consider the Points of Light Civic Accelerator program to expand performance and impact. Grace Andrews, an AmeriCorps Alum, recently completed the Points of Light Civic Accelerator program as part of the leadership team of GraphAlchemist, and she shared her thoughts on the value of the program

My experience in the Points of Light Civic Accelerator was not only great for my professional aspirations, but also my personal life. Besides working on traditional start-up exercises like business plans, financial models and pitching, I was able to build relationships with the other members of my cohort. They were a great support system outside of the Accelerator. As the program progressed and my business model and execution became more refined, I found myself calling the other companies and organizations not only friends, but family. Having such a strong bond allowed me to be open to criticism and willing to ask difficult yet thoughtful questions of my fellow peers. Needless to say, I completed the program far better than I was going in.

The Civic Accelerator has proven to be an exceptional training ground for social entrepreneurs. You might recall that Shane Gring, a Habitat for Humanity AmeriCorps Alum, was the first Alum to be part of the Civic Accelerator.  His organization BOULD was part of Cohort 1, and we first profiled Shane and BOULD when they were accepted to the 2012 Unreasonable Institute in Denver, Colorado.

If you have an emerging venture that’s ready to take a transformative next step — consider applying to be part of the next Points of Light Civic Accelerator cohort by clicking here.

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