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AmeriCorps Alums Chicago Meets Wendy Spencer!

August 9, 2013

By Caitlin Closser – AmeriCorps Alums Chicago Leadership Committee (Rebuilding Together CapacityCorps AmeriCorps – Dayton, OH – ‘09-’10)

On Monday, August 5th, the AmeriCorps Alums Chicago chapter had the pleasure of meeting the CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service, Ms. Wendy Spencer.

CEO of CNCS Wendy Spencer meets with AmeriCorps Alums Chicago Chapter (August 5, 2013)

CEO of CNCS Wendy Spencer meets with members of AmeriCorps Alums Chicago Chapter (August 5, 2013)

While visiting some service projects in town, Wendy took time out of her busy schedule to meet a group of about 25 alums. The group consisted of chapter leadership members, first-time attendees, and even a few current members who were almost finished with their service. Wendy took the time to personally speak with each of us, to learn more about our service terms and to find out more about our post-service career paths and experiences.

Not only did Wendy take the time to say hello, she also spent a significant amount of time engaging us in substantive conversation. She spoke about some of the challenges facing AmeriCorps today,and asked our opinions about how to handle them. She also shared some recent initiatives that CNCS has been working on, such as exploring relationships with the private sector and using alums as mentors to help young veterans who are returning to school. It was exciting to hear about the innovative and smart directions being pursued under Wendy’s leadership.

After a lovely evening, Wendy’s final words were to encourage us all to share our personal AmeriCorps stories. Alums are a large—and growing—population, and our voices together can make a big difference. We have the power to ensure AmeriCorps lives on, both in our personal lives, and as an opportunity for the future. We can become a

movement for national service.

The enthusiasm that Wendy brought to our group was energizing, her plans for AmeriCorps were inspiring, and our task to spread the word about AmeriCorps felt achievable.

And now, we are prepared to step up to the challenge.

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