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Thank You AmeriCorps

November 30, 2012

TY AmeriCorps new
To wrap up a month of Thankgiving, we asked Alums on Social Media to comment and share this photo on why they’re thankful for having served in AmeriCorps. For many of us, we’re thankful for having had the opportunity to be part of a national movement alongside like-minded service oriented individuals. We’re thankful that we were given a chance to make an impact on our local and national community. Finally, we are are grateful for the opportunities we experienced as a part of our term and beyond.

We received some great responses and want to share some of our favorites.

From Facebook

  • I am Thankful for the people I met, things I learned, leadership skills I developed, work I accomplished, minds/eyes I opened, and so much more from my 2 years as an AmeriCorps Volunteer through the Arab Resource Corps at the Arab American National Museum and the 1 year that I served on the Michigan AmeriCorps Member Council.
  • I am thankful for the direction NCCC gave to my life. I love working in urban communities, and that I have the opportunity to make a lasting difference in the life of some wonderful children. Also, I am thankful for the sense of adventure I have gained!
  • It changed my life, helped me view my community in a different way, allowed me to meet and work with fabulous people and gave me an opportunity to have new challenges.
  • List is long but top of it is: lasting friendships
  • For getting to uplift and be uplifted by the community that I served
  • Not an alum but truly thankful to have worked w/ the Silver Seven crew, the most earnest group of young people I’ve ever seen
  • Wow, where to start. I am thankful for finding AmeriCorps, for joining, and for the opportunity to serve. I am thankful for all the amazing people I worked with and for. For all the community building skills I learned and for the impact I was able to make. For 2 years of hard work that made me stronger, smarter and more empathetic. I am, quite simply, very thankful to be an Alum.

From Instagram

  • I’m #thankful for the spirit of service, for communities, and for generations.
  • I’m #thankful for my #americorps service because it was invaluable professional development that is coming in handy in grad school. My #americorps service was the ultimate confidence builder.

Why are you thankful for having served in AmeriCorps?

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