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No Such Thing as a Perfect Team

August 10, 2012

Today’s guest post comes from Bryan Staniewski, NCCC Alum from the Vinton, Iowa Campus.

I had everything ready to go to my campus in Vinton Iowa. This was my first time away from home on my own. I was nervous being a new person put into a new atmosphere with strangers, so I immediately had my walls up.

After being placed initially in a temporary team, the real challenge came when I was placed in my final team of nine known as Cedar 5. My teammates were by far the biggest obstacle and blessing I had dealt with.  In the end, each and every one of my teammates made a positive impact on me in their own different ways.

Though the course of our rounds, many challenges came up: people’s attitude changed, temperatures rose, and arguments happened. As our Unit Leader said,

“ There is no such thing as a “Perfect Team.”A good team fights, but also works things out.”

And with losing a teammate and a tornado disaster that struck the Vinton campus,, emotions began to sky rocket within our team. People began to shut down, including myself. Being one of the youngest, I put my walls back up blocking teammates and my Team Leader out.

Cedar 5 Family Picture

Within the weeks between the Natural Disaster and our last project, Cedar 5 almost lost our  Team Leader and it was up to us to quit the BS to come together as a Team. Our round 4 for a disaster project in Minot ND served as the catalyst we all needed to realize what we were and what we stood for being in NCCC.  At the last minute a broken team found a way to mend itself for the better.

When November 18th came, we were all satisfied with our time together. The fights we had, the Three hour long team interventions,  and the time we spent together made for a very enriching and interesting NCCC experience. Everything we did, learned, and saw made us CEDAR 5.


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