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AmeriCorps Alums NCVS Town Hall Recap

June 22, 2012

On Tuesday June 19, 2012, we hosted our first ever AmeriCorps Alums Town Hall session at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service.

Over 100 Alums convened in room W190 B for an inspiring session full of guest speakers, including CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service Wendy Spencer, our Eli J Segal Entrepreneurship Award recipient Anita Yip, Peace Corps National Outreach Specialist Ally Snell, and ServeNext Deputy Field Director Morgan St. Jean. It was also during the Town Hall that we announced our new member benefit partnership with Motel 6.

The session was inspiring and engaging, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are your fellow AmeriCorps Alums on Twitter and their tweets during each section of the Townhall:

Intro from Ben Duda

  • There’s something awesome about a giant room full of @americorpsalums #acalumsncvs #NCVS – @Dara_Laine
  • Making AmeriCorps alum connections at the #ACAlumsNCVS Townhall during the #NCVS  – @Campus_Compact
  • AC Alums ED, Ben Duda, welcomes AC Alumni  to Townhall #acalumsncvs #americorps #ncvs – @get_Things_done
  • Room for of raised hands when @BenDuda asks “How many people feel @americorps changed their life?” #acalumsncvs #NCVS –  @Dara_Laine
  • AmeriCorps 18 yrs old and we’re now at a point where those young people who have been served are now serving in programs. @americorpsalums – @tatum5472


Wendy Spencer surprises attendees with an inspiring speech

  • @WendyCNCS in the house! ” @americorpsalums rocks!!!” #acalumsncvs #NCVS – @Dara_Laine
  • Very inspired by the vision of @WendyCNCS at #ACAlums townhall #NCVS – @morganstjean
  • What a great advocate for our service: Wendy Spencer, CEO of CNCS, at @americorpsalums townhall at NCVS #ACAlumsNCVS -@JackieHodgson
  • CNCS CEO aspires for private sector -“Wouldn’t it be great if you served, you’d get an interview?”  #acalumsncvs #ncvs – @macarthur31

Anita Yip shares her service story

  • “Why? Why not? Why not now?” & “I could if I would” #life perspectives from Anita Yip #ncvs#acalums – @servenextnola
  • Major recognition for folks in Boston at #acalumsncvs town hall meeting. – @KrysHope
  • Love this: “Build community through a lifetime of service.” @americorpsalums #acalumsncvs #NCVS – @Dara_Laine

 Motel 6 announces their new partnership with Alums

Ally Snell of the Peace Corps speaks on partnering with service

  • Allie from Peace Corps “so proud to be the AmeriCorps voice in my organization” @americorpsalums #NCVS –me too Allie, me too. – @tatum5472

Morgan St. Jean with ServeNext

  • Excited to meet the new @ServeNext Field Organizers and District Captains! #ACAlumsNCVS – @onestarfdn
  • I would love to help out with @ServeNext in Baltimore! #acalumsncvs – @Dara_Laine

Town Hall Closing

  • We are the apple of service. Need something? There’s an @americorpsalums for that! #acalumsncvs #NCVS – @Dara_Laine
  • So excited by @americorpsalums Town Hall @NCVS! Great job @BenDuda @gheinrich@Ameri_Ken for rallying such a great group!#powerofservice – @dgaschler
  • Whatever role, whatever job there’s an alum for that. @americorpsalums #NCVS – @tatum5472
  • A powerful vision for @americorpsalums is that we are anywhere and everywhere. #acalumsncvs #NCVS – @Dara_Laine

Our awesome Chapter Leaders in attendance.

Thank you to Wendy Spencer for your leadership and support of AmeriCorps Alums. Thank you Anita Yip for sharing your service story and continuing to lead in your life after AmeriCorps. Thanks to Motel 6 for being our newest member benefit partner and recognizing our Alums for their service. Thanks to Ally Snell and Peace Corps for recognizing and celebrating service both domestically and internationally. Thanks to ServeNext for continuing to advocate for national service and engaging alumni to use their voice to save AmeriCorps. Last but not least, thanks to all of our Alums who attended the session and shared in the energy and enthusiasm that really made our session engaging. You all do amazing work in your local communities and we hope to continue provide you with the resources to continue leveraging your service experiences to a national audience.

There were many tweets sent all throughout NCVS and you can read the conversations on Twitter at #ACAlumsNCVS, #ACAlums, #NCVS.

What are your thoughts on our AmeriCorps Alums Town Hall?

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  1. June 25, 2012 10:49 am

    Thanks for the shout-outs! I was happy to live-tweet the awesome event!

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