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As AmeriCorps Alums, We Believe “Everyone Leads”!

February 20, 2012

In AmeriCorps, we were service leaders committed to meeting critical needs in the communities where we served. Now that we’re AmeriCorps Alums , how do we continue to LEAD in our communities and organizations,  and find opportunities to allow others to lead in their own capacities?

Are you an emerging leader in your organization?

Looking for new ways to think about and develop your leadership?

Struggling to find your voice as a leader, in your ‘Life-After-AmeriCorps?’

Join us for our next Professional Development webinar, Everyone Leads, on Feb 22nd, 2-3pm ET, with Public Allies’ CEO – Paul Schmitz. You can register here.

As one of the foremost leaders in the nonprofit sector, Paul Schmitz will share inspiring stories and practical examples of how the principles of Everyone Leads truly apply to all of us. He will survey America’s democratic and civil rights history, current trends, and leadership theory to demonstrate how collaboration among citizens has always been core to social change. Schmitz will also be coaching webinar participants on leadership topics including Continuous Learning, Collaborative Learning, and Asset-Based Community Development.

Paul wants to hear the challenges you’re facing, as Everyone Leads articulates a vision for broad, diverse and inclusive community leadership. Be sure to bring your questions and be prepared to join in the discussion!

In a fun twist, all participants in Wednesday’s webinar will get a shoutout by Paul Schmitz on Twitter or Facebook. We’ll also be raffling one copy of Everyone Leads to a participant and one lucky listener will receive a unique outgoing message from Schmitz himself!

About Paul Schmitz: Paul Schmitz is the CEO of Public Allies, which advances leadership to strengthen communities, nonprofits, and civic participation across the country. He is recognized as one of America’s most influential nonprofit leaders; writes and speaks frequently on social innovation, civic participation, diversity, and community building; and has served on President Obama’s transition team and the White House Council on Community Solutions.

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