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2011 Reflections from the AmeriCorps Alums Team: Michelle Vegliante

January 4, 2012

Today’s guest post comes from AmeriCorps Alums former Development Intern and current  Special Events Administrator for The American Heart Association, Michelle Vegliante. She Assisted the Executive Director of Alums with funding and development projects.

Hello Alums!

For the past 4 months, I have served as the Development Intern for AmeriCorps Alums. I worked under the Executive Director, Ben Duda, on various funding and development projects that will hopefully be rolling out for all of you in the near 2012. As my internship draws to a close I wanted to reflect on what I have taken away from my experience working at AmeriCorps Alums.

I joined the Alums team because I wanted to work for an organization whose members didn’t just support social change- they’ve literally lived it. I sought to help create opportunities for those who have devoted months and years to serving our country through volunteerism because I truly admire your dedication to national service.

From an “outsider-allowed in” perspective, the AmeriCorps alumni network is similar to tight knit family– one, that although is spread throughout the country, when united, pack a whole-lotta punch. You all are a huge force to be reckoned with and I truly believe your advocacy and support helped saved AmeriCorps from being cut entirely during the recent budget cuts.  Moreover, your continued presence in the nonprofit sphere is felt throughout the entire industry, proving that AmeriCorps is a catalyst for producing innovative change leaders.

I joined Alums fresh out of college, armed with a degree in public relations and a dream to work in the nonprofit sector. I have always described myself as having a passion for nonprofit success. For me, a rewarding career is characterized by impact– not feeding a CEO or stakeholder’s bank account. Therefore, I wanted to find work in which I could aid our country in becoming socially richer in development and advocacy. What Alums did for me was transform that goal into applied understanding. I was given the opportunity to work at the forefront of an organization whose mission seeks to honor and inspire those who are already “socially rich”.

I have recently accepted a full time position as a Special Events Administrator for The American Heart Association, where I will be aiding in the planning of a premier benefit event in the DC area.  I want to thank Alums for preparing me for such an amazing opportunity and will always look back at this internship as the starting point of my career.

I would like to end my time at Alums with a little foreshadowing: I’ve witnessed the planning and labor that the AmeriCorps Alums team has put into their work the past few months and if what I’ve witnessed is any indication of what they have in store, then 2012 is going to be an AMAZING year for all you Alums!

Happy New Year!

-Michelle Vegliante

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