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Time to Save AmeriCorps

December 9, 2011

AmeriCorps is not an Republican or a Democratic thing…

Nor is it a Red or a Blue thing…

AmeriCorps is an American thing

Your friends and family might not know that AmeriCorps has a twenty year bi-partisan track record, than spans the last four White House Administrations.

Take a minute to watch the Save AmeriCorps video and let us know what your think.

Most importantly, share this on Facebook, Twitter and over email

The people YOU care about should know more about the program that YOU care about, especially one that has been such an important part of your personal narrative.

When more people in communities stand up and say that AmeriCorps is getting things done, making a difference, and worth protecting – we get closer to our goal of Saving AmeriCorps this year and growing it for the next generation of Service Leaders.

Help share the video with these example tweets and Facebook messages:


Let #congress know to #SaveAmeriCorps! Preserving @nationalservice is an American issue: #SaveService

.@AmeriCorpsAlums want to #SaveAmeriCorps for future generations. Help them spread the word: #SaveService


[tag] AmeriCorps Alums just released their new viral video to help Save AmeriCorps. Share it with your friends and family to let others know why Congress should not cut funding for National Service. Why do you want to preserve AmeriCorps? –

In the 2012 House Budget, zero funding was dedicated to AmeriCorps and other programs of the Corporation for National and Community Service. [tag] AmeriCorps Alums were not happy about this and wanted to spread on why service needs to be preserved. AmeriCorps is not a Left or Right issue – it’s an AMERICAN issue.

In Service,


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