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4 Ways to Do Somethin’ (Good) on Your Birthday feat. Ms. Britney Spears

December 2, 2011

Hurray, it’s my birthday! But more importantly, today’s the day that Ms. Britney Spears (not to be confused with Brittany S. Pierce from Glee) turns the big 3-0. Thus, making Dec. 2nd pretty much a national holiday. Though not everyone may be a fan of her (but, you really should be), we can all agree that we’re all fans of celebrating birthdays. It’s the one day we can all be a …Baby One More Time.

Every year is another reminder of all the good that you’ve done so far in life and the potential impact you can have in your next 365 days of service. Why not celebrate service, while celebrating your birthday at the same time?

Whether you’re making your big day a Freakshow or just dancing Til The World Ends, incorporating service is easy to put on your Radar.

Here are some tips on how to celebrate service during your birthday, told in lyrics and songs of our (err my) favorite birthday girl!

My Prerogative: Donate your birthday to a cause

Instead of having your friends spend money on getting you gifts, why not have them donate to a cause your passionate about? There are many charities that help connect you to different causes and you can use your big day as a way to help out others in need. For example, Donors Choose lets you donate your birthday to a classroom in need. On the donation page, you can visibly see the good your guests monetary donations have done, as teachers can update with pictures of what the students were able to work on.

What’s great about this birthday option is that you can choose the cause that matters to you and your friends. You don’t need permission, you can make your own decision – It’s your prerogative!

Circus: Organize a project with your guests

On your birthday, you’ll be thinking, “All eyes on me, in the center of a ring, just like a circus.” Time to take advantage of that attention and get your friends & family to join you on a service project! Most organization need a big group of people to help them complete projects and while you have your party together, spend some time helping with a neighborhood cleanup, playground rebuild, or tree planting in the park.

Everytime: Serve with your birthday greetings

What I love about birthdays is the overflow of FB Notifications, Tweets, E-Mails to My Heart, phone calls, and text messages we all seem to get when our birthday is advertised to our social networks. With all the Crazy shifts in privacy policies, it’s no wonder why everyone is starting to “Notice me…” This year, plan on doing some good with all those messages.

For every message, tweet, poke, text message, phone call, etc. that you receive on your birthday, why not donate 10/20/30 minutes of volunteer time? Or you could make an incremental monetary donation to your charity of choice. Also, telling others the good you’re doing with all those Outrageous notifications makes for an easy way to Break the Ice!

Gimme More: Ask your guests to bring a donation

There’s no shame asking your guests to “go that extra mile for you” on your big celebratory day! If you’re planning on having a party, an easy way for your guests to take a Trip to Your Heart, is to bring a donation to your birthday!

Especially for all my fellow December and winter babies, you can host a donation bin or collect monetary donations for your local shelters from your guests. Most organizations have specific needs during these chilly times, so definitely check with what donations they will be accepting.

These are all tips on how to have a great service oriented birthday, guaranteed to make your guests say, “I Wanna Go oh oh oh all the way” to your party. And, if they don’t, well, don’t Hold It Against Me.

What other ways can you incorporate service on your birthday?

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