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Tips for Continuing Service After NCCC

November 18, 2011

Yesterday, we welcomed new Alums into the national network! Congratulations to the Atlantic Region and the North Central Region of National Civilian Community Corps AmeriCorps members on their graduation!

Our very own Executive Director, Ben Duda, a two year NCCC Alum himself, spoke at the Atlantic Region graduation, describing the events as just simply, “incredible”.

Incorporating service into you post AmeriCorps life can be difficult, especially, finding volunteer opportunities that utilize your skills developed during years of service.

Though you’re not waking up at 5am anymore to do PT, doesn’t mean it’s time to forget that AmeriCorps pledge to serve!

Here are some NCCC inspired (but not required) ways to continue serving after graduation:

  • Volunteer to be a part of a Disaster Response Team

Remember the disaster relief training you all received, prior to your first deployment? A great way to keep those skills readily accessible is to volunteer to be part of a disaster response team. American Red Cross is always looking for volunteers to be dispatched, in times of need. For Alums who may need a brush up or be trained on disaster training skills, most will offer free/ low cost trainings for their members.

  • Volunteer as a group

After 10 months of serving with your team, muster up some other Alums who want to keep serving in big numbers.  Many organizations have projects that need to be done, but often lack enough people to help get the job done. With your previous experiences in collaborative teamwork and task delegations, you all have the relevant experience to get big tasks done efficiently and properly. This could include neighborhood cleanups, serving meals at a soup kitchen, rebuilding a playground, etc.

Find a local AmeriCorps Alums Chapter to serve in group volunteer efforts.

  • Volunteer CPR and Safety trainers/ Emergency Medical Services

As well as being trained in disaster relief efforts, you all were trained in CPR, First Aid, and public safety. Post AmeriCorps,  you can volunteer to be CPR instructors for hospitals or even join the volunteer Emergency Medic Technician teams, to continue serving in your local communities.

  • Volunteer Vacation

Voluntourism (as introduced by American Volunteers) is a great way to travel and serve in new places. Being deployed to learn and serve in new communities was an integral part of your NCCC experience and there are many organizations, like Global Vision International, that offer volunteer travel programs both internationally and domestically. Especially with busier work lifestyles, combining your vacation and service is an easy way to hit two birds with one stone!

What are some other NCCC inspired ways to keep serving?

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