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AmeriCorps Director Visits With Twin Cities Chapter of AmeriCorps Alums

August 17, 2011

Director of AmeriCorps, John Gomperts, recently visited with the Twin Cities Chapter of AmeriCorps Alums

John Gomperts, Director of AmeriCorps, recently connected with over 20 members of the Twin Cities Chapter of AmeriCorps Alums in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  The turnout was diverse, with recent alumni as well as those who served in the late 1990’s in attendance.  The informal visit provided an opportunity for Mr. Gomperts to hear firsthand how AmeriCorps service has impacted the career paths of alumni; while also providing an opportunity for AmeriCorps alumni to network with the Director of AmeriCorps and with each other. By all accounts, the event was a success.  We think it’s a great opportunity to convene our chapters as the Director of AmeriCorps travels to meet with current members in cities across the country, and we hope to provide similar opportunities in other cities.  Finally, it served as a pilot to test the idea of bringing together AmeriCorps Alums chapters and the Director of AmeriCorps to dialogue about the impact of AmeriCorps on career prospects and also as a chapter networking event.

Twin Cities Chapter President Kara Garbe Balcerzak said “I was really impressed with John’s genuine interest in talking with all of us. As soon as he met a new Alum, he whipped out a little notebook and began jotting down people’s names, service areas, and other tidbits of information. I could tell he really wanted to hear our stories and get our perspectives on how AmeriCorps has influenced us and how we think about our service when we look back on it.” Balcerzak went on to explain that the event helped to bring out new faces to the table and that it also provided a comfortable setting where newer members and older members could discuss ways to improve the effectiveness of their chapter’s efforts.

AmeriCorps Alums would like to hear from your chapter whether or not you would be interested in holding a chapter-director gathering in your city and why it would be valuable to you and/or your chapter.  Your input on this idea will help shape a potential future calendar of chapter-director meeting dates.  Please send comments or feedback to Greg Heinrich at or post them below.

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  1. Lisa permalink
    September 2, 2011 8:19 pm

    It was so great to meet with Director Gomperts! What a wonderful opportunity to share the story of our program with him. I’d definitely support more opportunities like this one – thanks for making it happen!

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