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AmeriCorps Alums, Meet ServeNext

May 9, 2011

 By Kate Goyette

AmeriCorps Alums, my good friend! How have been doing? Have you been feeling a bit lonely? Did the fight against the possible budget cuts leave you tired out?

If so, let me introduce you to ServeNext. I think you two would really hit it off!

Why, you ask? Well, both of you are made up of passionate people who have served in some kind of AmeriCorps program and both of you work to bring those people together. But, and here’s where it gets interesting…ServeNext has a mission to work at the grassroots level to keep AmeriCorps funded.

And I know you AmeriCorps Alums, you’re all about direct service and making sure things continue to “get done” well after everyone has graduated from NCCC or attended their last VISTA conference. And that’s wonderful, but don’t you think it would be great to get involved with the policy side a little? Just a little? Oh, you’re not convinced it would work out?

Okay, so you’re not exactly the same, but that would be boring, right? AmeriCorps Alums, let me tell you why this partnership would work out so well. It’s because both of you are working to bring the same people together to make sure that our alums stay active and involved with the community (AmeriCorps Alums) and politically (ServeNext).

So, I encourage all AmeriCorps Alums chapters in the country to make contact with your local (or closest) ServeNext to see how you can get involved.

What can I say? I’ve been involved with both groups – I’ve been an Alum since 2007, and I was on the pilot Leadership Committee for ServeNext, Bay Area. I know how important both groups are – together we can accomplish great things.

So, both of you, get together, and have a wonderful AmeriCorps Week!

Kate Goyette is a Database/Resource Management Specialist with 211/HELPLINK at United Way of the Bay Area and an active member of both ServeNext, Bay Area, and with AmeriCorps Alums. Take a look at her blog Your Green Guide ( that helps people learn new ways to live more sustainably.

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  1. Heather Margolis permalink
    May 11, 2011 9:34 am

    Thank you ! You nailed it.. community plus political action !
    The mission of is to use the power of grassroots action to advance volunteerism, service, and AmeriCorps as strategies to tackle our most pressing social challenges and strengthen our democracy.

  2. Kate Goyette permalink
    May 17, 2011 9:22 pm

    Thanks, Heather! Get out your policy hats, AmeriCorps Alums! The future of AmeriCorps depends on it.

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