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Why AmeriCorps Week Matters

May 3, 2011

 By Jeremy Exell, AmeriCorps Alums

In less than 2 weeks, people all over the country will be celebrating National AmeriCorps Week. In a time when it seems there is an awareness week for everything, many people may question why National AmeriCorps Week? Why does it matter? What makes this week stand out more than, say, National Sleep Awareness Week?

It matters because it gives us a chance to spread the word about AmeriCorps through our words and our actions. After spending the start of 2011 rallying support in defense of AmeriCorps, National AmeriCorps Week  2011 provides us with a perfect chance to continue to show the impact AmeriCorps makes every day in communities around the country.

So make the most of this opportunity. Go to the AmeriCorps Week Events page and find out whats going on in your area. Not any projects or events in your area? Start one! Set up a service day cleaning up a local park, have a round table discussion about the service needs in your community, create a clothing and food drive for victims of the tornadoes in the South. All of these events not only benefit the community, they also provide an opportunity for you to tell people about your service in AmeriCorps, what it meant to you, and why you feel its needed in our country.

We’re not saying that sleep awareness isn’t important; we here at AmeriCorps Alums happen to love to sleep. But AmeriCorps Week is OUR chance in the spotlight. It’s our time to tell our stories and share our passion through celebration and service. And we think that makes it matter just a little more than some of the other weeks out there. We hope all of you, whether Alum, supporter, or current member, will join us this year in celebrating AmeriCorps and all the work it’s members have accomplished over the years.

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