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Why Service Matters

April 4, 2011

By Jeremy Exell, AmeriCorps Alums

The recent budget debate has proposed discontinuing all funding for the Corporation for National and Community Service and for AmeriCorps, questioning the very value of national service. No matter how conflicting our political beliefs, one thing that has always managed to unite us to a common purpose is service. Service has proven to be s a much needed unifying force in a deeply divided time.  Recently, President Bill Clinton spoke at the “All Together Now: A Celebration of Service”, a tribute to President George H. W. Bush and the Points of Light Foundation. In his speech, which you can see below, he spoke of the unifying nature of service. It’s a sad truth that, as President Clinton pointed out, we spend so much time “fighting with each other over things that don’t matter.” But service provides us with a chance to work together for things that do.

Service does matter. . AmeriCorps matters! Right now, we are working with our friends over at Save on a national call in campaign. We’re asking the people of this country to call in to their Senators and tell them to keep service alive. Please take the time today to call 855-US-SERVE. This program has changed the lives of those it served and those who have the honor of serving in it. And we need to make sure that it continues to take place every day in our country.

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