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Make the Call, The Sequel!

March 31, 2011

By Jeremy Exell, AmeriCorps Alums

The time has come once again for ACTION! The current continuing resolution that is funding the US Government expires on April 8th and Congress is working to finalize the FY2011 budget. With a final decision on the fate of AmeriCorps and National Service looming, we’re calling you all to once again pick up your phones and make the call to save service!

On Monday, April 4th, we’re rallying to make calls into the offices of the Senate to show them we are a nation that supports service. When we asked for people to go to their Representative’s offices,  over 2,700 of you showed up across the nation to show your support for AmeriCorps. Then, we asked for you to Make the Call into your Senator’s office and over 10,000 calls were placed! Lets make this day just as successful as the last two.  On Monday, April 4th, pick up the phone and call 855-US-SERVE (855-877-3783). Tell your Senators you want them to vote to keep national service funded in 2011. Need some talking points? Check out our friends over a Save Service for some quick tips on what to say and to make the pledge to call.

On one last note, we want to send a BIG congrats to Birdette Hughey. Birdette is currently serving with Teach For America in Greenwood, MS and was just awarded Mississippi Teacher of the Year! Congratulations Birdette, keep up the great work teaching the next generation and thank you so much for your service!

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