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The Phones Were Ringing Off the Hook

March 16, 2011

By Jeremy Exell, AmeriCorps Alums

Yesterday we asked you all to Make the Call and let your Senators know you supported service. Well your response was amazing and we flooded the Senate with over 5,580 calls voicing support for AmeriCorps! We know that some individuals called directly so we’re estimating that we generated more than 10,000 calls yesterday.

Even Snooki called!

A few highlights from the day:

  • 120 calls came into the two Georgians Senators.  Way to go, Georgia!
  • New York came in at 586!
  • Robin Kelley of the Volunteer Center of Southern Nevada participated in a conference call with Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader.
  • One of our many exemplary AmeriCorps Alums, Mike Fisk, called both Nebraska Senators and reports that he “related the importance, benefits, ROI, and reflected a little of my own experience as a VISTA “volunteer” at the Indian Youth Center … early 70’s in Omaha.  We had a good conversation.”

In budget news, another temporary CR was passed yesterday that funds the Government until April, 8th. Congress is going into recess next week and then will come back to decide the new budget for FY 2011, and the fate of AmeriCorps. Again, its time for us to plan our next move. While we do, keep writing and calling your Senators and Representatives and writing letters to your local paper. Continue to send us your stories of service,  and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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