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Alums Stand for AmeriCorps to Save Service

February 28, 2011

By Jeremy Exell, AmeriCorps Alums



The numbers are coming in and it’s obvious that Friday’s Save Service District Day was a success! Numbers are still coming in but so far here is what we know has been accomplished by the over 2,600 of you who registered to stand together for service!

  • We were able to visit 441 House and Senate offices in ALL 50 states AND Puerto Rico
  • Stories of service and impact were shared with 295 Representatives, 83 Senators and/or their staff

To all of you who helped represent AmeriCorps in your states on Friday, thank you! Here are some highlights from a few districts that represent the work of all of you. If you want to share your visit with us, please do so here –


In Vienna, VA, alums visited the office of Senator Mark Warner. Though the Senator was on the Hill for the day, his Constituent Services Director, Scott Price, listened to the groups personal stories and service experiences. He assured them that Sen. Warner greatly valued national service and our visit to the offices of Representatives and Senators was a great move to ensuring the continuation of CNCS.

Reported by: Patti Kurtz “In Chicago, over 50 constituents showed up downtown Friday afternoon to speak with Senator Mark Kirk.  As we were assembling outside the building and reviewing the action plan for speaking to the Senator, we were approached by a few police officers asking who we were, what we were doing outside the building, and what our intent was in organizing a group of this size.  Once we explained our reason for assembling and letting them know that all we wanted to do was speak with the Senator about national service programs, the police officers agreed to help us out.

Group outside Mark Kirk's office. chicago

We were allowed to send 6 people into the Senator’s office to speak about our issue.  A big thanks goes out to everyone who showed up Friday!!  Without such a great turnout, we would not have had a chance at getting a meeting with someone in his office.
The 6 representatives we sent up spoke with Senator Kirk’s Chief of Staff Eric Elk, and were able to tell him stories of service and present the case for national service.”

Finally, in Boston, MA,  over 300 people showed up on the night of Feb 24th at the Rally for AmeriCorps, organized by AmeriCorps alum Caleb Jonas! Here are the highlights of their rally and message to House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor.

To all who participated in Save Service day, thank you. You told Congress that AmeriCorps isn’t just another government program, but a vital service to the development and well-being of our nation. Tell YOUR story of service here.

And although Friday was a success, the fight is not over. HR 1 is still active in the US Senate and the fate of AmeriCorps and national service is still uncertain. So please, continue to voice your support. Let your representatives know we need national service. Tell your friends and family, spread the word to your neighbors about what service has meant to you and how it has touched your life. Continue to Stand for AmeriCorps and together we will Save Service!

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