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Alums Will Stand for AmeriCorps

February 22, 2011

I just got off the phone with our fine friends over at and I have thrilled over the past few days as alums, program directors, friends and family of AmeriCorps have rallied, shared and passed along the Save AmeriCorps petition. As I type it has over 55,000 signatures! Just 30,000 shy of the goal… one for each serving AmeriCorps member this year.

The petition was started by an alum. The petition is being signed by alums. There are over 600,000 of us out there (plus more program directors, staff, friends, family and in general awesome supporters) and we aren’t going to let AmeriCorps go away without a fight.

I want to get really honest with you all out there about who is doing what, where AmeriCorps Alums (and you!) fit in and what we are asking. Here goes…

Early Saturday morning, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1, legislation that would make deep cuts in government spending for the rest of the fiscal year. The measure – which eliminates the Corporation for National and Community Service and its programs — passed 235-189. Click here to learn how your Representative voted.

The House vote is just one step in the legislative process. The bill has been sent to the Senate for their consideration, and the Senate and the President will have opportunities to shape and influence the final spending package. But it is up to us to make certain that the final bill restores funding for service!

AmeriCorps Alums is a part of a coalition of organizations led by Voices for National Service, Service Nation and ServeNext. They are leading the efforts behind – Save Service District Day. We (AmeriCorps Alums) is participating in the coalition by mobilizing alumni and supporters that we interact with and encouraging you to attend a District Day event near you.

We are also backing and promoting all of your grassroots efforts! We are officially endorsing Caleb’s Save AmeriCorps petition on and delivering the signatures to Congressional offices on Friday (District Day). As well, you can find us on the official Stand for AmeriCorps page on Facebook. We are taking YOUR voice and efforts to the table with the larger coalition and making it known that AMERICORPS ALUMS ARE A FORCE FOR LEADERSHIP AND ACTION!

So what can you do? Stay informed and get our emails by registering at if you are not already and “Like” the Stand for AmeriCorps page on Facebook.

Then, sign the petition to Save AmeriCorps and sign up to attend a meeting near you for District Day. We’ll keep up to date with resources you can use to make sure AmeriCorps doesn’t lose this fight!

So what do you say? Can we, the people, the servants, the change-makers SAVE AMERICORPS?

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