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Eli Segal Award Second Runner-Up – Sabrina Hilton

November 9, 2010

The Second-Runner Up for the Eli Segal Award is Sabrina Hilton of Green Beings Urban Farm.  Green Beings Urban Farm sprouted out of an empty city lot in St. Louis three years ago.  Since then it has grown to partner with schools, community groups, and of course many AmeriCorps alums.

Green Being Urban Farm exposes the community to good food practices as well as environmental sustainability.  This year the Green Beings goods were sold at a local famer’s market.  Green Beings even began composting waste from local restaurants that would have otherwise gone to a landfill.   This waste is used to create the soil some of the farm’s  food grows in.

Sabrina Hilton’s commitment to service is evident.  She has given countless hours to the success of Green Beings Urban Farm.  As Green Beings was in its beginning stages Sabrina volunteered at the Botanical Garden and CitySeed urban farm to learn and share ideas on farming.  Throughout the year Sabrina also attends “national farming workshops, beekeeping conferences, lobbying days, and celebrations of food.”  Sabrina’s hard work has certainly paid off.  Now instead of an empty lot all too common in low-income neighborhoods, the Green Beings Urban Farm gives the neighborhood something to be proud of.

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