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TAG! You’re It. Now What Are You Waiting For?

October 28, 2010

What if more people raised their hands to help young people succeed?

To protect our environment?

To ensure the economic well-being of our friends and neighbors?

To help our communities prepare for and recover from disasters?

Surely we could collectively achieve incredible impact on some of our most pressing challenges.

If you’re a part of the AmeriCorps Alums community and reading this, chances are you already recognize your own capacity to organize projects that create change. In fact, many of you did just that as an AmeriCorps member or program director for a year or two or even three!

Now… are you willing to challenge your friends, co-workers and family to step up their service game and become the leaders they’ve been waiting for?

Let’s start with something fun…

Let’s play Service Tag, the biggest game of virtual tag ever played.

Different than the game we played as kids, this game of Tag has a much higher purpose – community impact.

How does it work?


3 of the top 4 TAGGERS are with Alums!

AmeriCorps Alums is planning to take over the Get HandsOn Service Tag Challenge, and we need your help to do it!  You may have already registered at, but what you might not know about are the top TAGGERS get amazing incentives! (Click here to find out what they are).  To help demonstrate the power of AmeriCorps Alums, we need your help!

Sign up to play by making a pledge to volunteer in your community. It can be something you are already doing or something you have always wanted to do. Also be sure to sign up as a Service Leader and choose “AmeriCorps Alums” as your affiliation!

Tag two (or more… you can tag up to 50 per day, but only ones who accept are counted) friends that you know could be active volunteer leaders because they have shown a commitment to giving back. How sweet would it be if the Leaderboard was filled with AmeriCorps alums?!

Get serving by starting (or continuing) your volunteer activity and share your story with the online service leaders community.

You can also see what others are doing and join other people’s projects!

So… TAG! You’re it!

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