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The New Dream Team

October 19, 2010

Rachel the new Marketing & Communications Associate for AmeriCorps Alums and her loyal friend Sunny

Hello all!  My name is Rachel and this is my third day in the office as AmeriCorps Alums new Marketing & Communications Associate.  My first day in the office was the Tuesday after Columbus Day, and it was an excellent day to start off my time at AmeriCorps Alums here in Washington, D.C.  There was a meet n’ greet progressive lunch on our floor, so I had the opportunity to learn a little more about the other organizations working right next door.  It is great to work in a space where individuals work for such a variety of organizations, but still share an interest in giving back.  I met several people from Mission Fish, another branch of Points of Light, which allows sellers on eBay to donate proceeds from their sale to the nonprofit of their choice (take a look it’s a grand idea!).   I have been on eBay a few times, but this is the first time I heard about this.  If you have already tried this out, congratulations you are already ahead of the game, and you will be pleased to know that soon you will be able to do the same thing for AmeriCorps Alums.

If you are part of an organization that you think would benefit from starting a giving works account with Mission Fish click here for more details.  It is easy to do.  Every time a seller lists an item on eBay they are asked if they would like to send their profits, or a percentage of their proceeds, to an organization certified by Mission Fish.  Your organization could be on this list.  First register for free with Mission Fish here.

Along those lines, around Thanksgiving, AmeriCorps Alums will be launching a similar arrangement with eBay in which proceeds will go towards future AmeriCorps Alums efforts.  This is something I am very excited to work on.  This is a great opportunity to get a little extra cash, and in the process participate in the true spirit of the holiday season: giving!  Plus a tax break doesn’t hurt.  The best part is it will be as quick, easy, and effective.  We will also be auctioning off some items of our own.  Including flags that were used in President Obama’s inauguration parade!  I will be participating in getting the word out around November.  Keep an eye out!   In the meantime if you find something around the house that you think needs to find another place to live look here.

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