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AmeriSaur: Inspire

April 22, 2010

AmeriStella: an AmeriCorps member, leader, or supervisor who is in need of finding inspiration and getting his or her grove back; slang for burnt out

Normally I try not to use this blog to push my pop-culture agenda; I’m slightly narcissistic and would rather use this space to write about me and my own personal issues. Besides I don’t want to upset the good people at AmeriCorps Alums who allow me to blog here. This post is different, this week we talk about Glee and how it helped this AmeriStella get his grove back. As regular readers of AmeriSaur know for the past several weeks I’ve been navigating my quarter-life crisis and searching for my passion and as many of you have pointed out in the comments section finding passion can be illusive and challenging. I feel like this is a giant and complicated puzzle, one that will slowly complete itself as I gain more self-awareness, and stay committed to moving forward in my personal growth. This week however I think I had a min-break through while watching the television show Glee.

Glee is pretty much what my high school career was like, only instead of a show choir I played with an orchestra and instead of singing I played the French horn. Heck the television show even has a character named after me (although he admittedly has much better fashion sense than I had in my high school days). Each week the Glee kids struggle to find acceptance and a sense of purpose in high school all while singing elaborate arrangements of pop classics. It is campy and fantastical but I dare you to find a better hour of television outside of Lost. I am not sure how it happened but as the kids were belting out a show stopping redemption of the Beatles classic Hello it hit me: inspire.  The common denominator between all my different likes is inspiring others.

As an AmeriCorps project supervisor with the Washington Reading Corps I love that I get to challenge, support and motivate my team to change the world and their lives one story at a time. Each week I watch my team do things that they never thought they could accomplish and to me that is the ultimate reward. I get to inspire others and in turn that inspires me. This is what I love about developing and delivering trainings and workshops, that is what I loved about my experiences in the performing arts, and that is what I love about writing and storytelling, in someway or another I get to help inspire others.

For this AmeriStella the first step towards getting my groove back was to list out all my likes and find the common denominator. Now I just need to put together the rest of the puzzle.

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