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Get Extraordinary with AmeriCorps Alums

September 10, 2009
It is hard for busy people to volunteer. In the rat race of 60-hour workweeks, going to school, running errands, and driving kids to soccer games, many people wish to give back but only have a limited amount of time. Most volunteer opportunities require training and lengthy time-commitments, so we’ve got a…
AmeriCorps Alums and The Extraordinaries have a new partnership that will allow you more convenient volunteer opportunities that require just a few minutes at a time!  micro-volunteering is a new method of serving that allows volunteers to help out in small, convenient ways which don’t require the commitment of scheduled volunteering, and it can all be done via iPhone®.

And you can start TODAY by recording YOUR participation in any 9/11 activities… If you have an iPhone, go get their App in the App Store right now (FREE-see a detailed how-to below).  Scroll to AmeriCorps Alums, then ‘Follow’ us… AmeriCorps Alums is on a mission to get 100 followers before anyone else! Then, on 9/11 if you or anyone else has an iphone at your project be sure to do the ‘Make Your Mark on 9/11’ Mission!

Through the pilot program, we will continue to deliver a variety of AmeriCorps Alums-specific micro-volunteer opportunities to your iPhone and your desktop*.  All of the opportunities are designed to enhance the AmeriCorps Alums community while at the same time tapping into the collective brain power of AmeriCorps alumni.  A few of the tasks you can immediately help with include:
• Sharing your 9/11 service experience
• Improve our website by sharing what changes you want to see
• Record national service voting records
• Document books and publications authored by alumni
• Voice your support for national service legislation
The pilot program will enable YOU to connect with us and other alumni through these micro-volunteer opportunities, strengthening relationships while leveraging alumni power to complete real work.

For a step by step walk-thru of how to participate, see below! Now… GET EXTRAORDINARY!
1. On your iPhone App Store,
search for “The Extraordinaries”
2. Download the free “The
Extraordinaries” App
3.  Click install
4. Once installed, open and scroll to AmeriCorps Alums
5. Click follow and locate a mission/task that interests you
6. Begin micro-volunteering for AmeriCorps Alums

*Desktop PC functionality available very soon… blackberry functionality is still being developed!
2 Comments leave one →
  1. Erica permalink
    September 10, 2009 12:32 pm

    Cool! I’m looking forward to the desktop version… this sounds like a great idea, but I do not have an iPhone.

  2. September 23, 2009 4:29 pm

    Also check out the application “Catalista”. Helps you find actual local volunteering oppurtunities that interest you. Really easy to use and lets you share volunteering projects with friends on facebook.

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