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New Job Tools for AmeriCorps Alums and Members

August 6, 2009
Get ’em while they’re HOT! Check out our new career tools… a  resume guide, career test, and resume critique… all FREE!
Free Resume Guide
Provided by LiveCareer, you can click the link, fill out a brief registration on LiveCareer’s site, and then get a free 21-page Resume Guide.
  • No resume needed to start
  • Answer a series of short questions
  • Get your FREE 21-page Personalized Guide – instantly!
Free Career Test
Provided by LiveCareer, you can click the link, fill out a brief registration on LiveCareer’s site, and then take a Career test to determine the tasks, experience, education, and training needed for your next career or educational move!
  • Comprehensive free results
  • Over 5,000,000 completed tests
  • Scientifically proven test
Free Resume Critique
Provided by, you can fill out a brief registration and then upload your resume for a free resume critique.
  • Upload your resume
  • Get your free resume critique
  • guarantees interviews in 30 days!

Check them out and then tell us what you think below!

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  1. Amber C. Nore permalink
    August 7, 2009 5:10 pm

    The “Free Resume Critique” is only for professionals who are seeking a salary of $50k or more. I went to the website, using the link provided by AmeriCorps Alums, and submitted my resume. Here is the response that I received:

    Hi Amber;

    Thank you for your email. We wish we could provide you with a critique, but unfortunately we cannot be of service. We specialize in resumes for more senior level business professionals within the United States, and we would not want to tell you the wrong advice for your needs. The advice we tell more senior level job seekers would not apply to you, and we would be telling you information that could be damaging to your success because you are at a different level. We are not trying to insult you, we are trying to help you; it would be wrong for us to critique your resume since we are not familiar with your level. That is why the instructions to receive the free critique (see below) state that the critique is for professional job seekers earning $50k and more.

    1. Upload your resume

    2. Get your free resume critique!

    If you are a professional job seeker earning $50K+ we invite you to submit your resume today for your FREE Professional Resume Critique. You’ll get helpful feedback from resume experts in your field. Please fill in all fields in the form below so we may provide you with a tailored and accurate critique.

    I’m sorry we can’t be of further assistance to you but we do wish you the best of success in your job search and future career endeavors.

    Jodi Frohnapfel
    Critique Manager


  2. August 10, 2009 8:48 am

    Thank you very much for this feedback Amber! It’s really unfortunate that this is the response you received from the service… I am VERY disappointed. I will consult with my colleague that set up this partnership and alter or end this promotion.

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