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Alum Spotlight: Jessica Rauch and Eli Savit, by Stephen Anfield

July 23, 2009

If you haven’t heard of the newest non-profit to hit the scene, just wait. Jessica Rauch and Eli Savit, Teach for America Alums, have teamed up to create an organization that will change the way we view philanthropy. The Generation Project ( is focused on harnessing the ideas of individual donors (like you and me) to expand opportunities for high-need K-12 youth. Their innovative concept involves giving the donor complete creative control so that they can personally expand educational opportunities. Their community-oriented platform promotes interaction at all levels of the giving process and allows the donor to choose how their donation is used.

How does it work? Let’s say you’re a marching band geek (like myself), and you want to share your love of music with youth. You simply log on to The Generation Project website, design your gift — in this case you might donate money that would go toward the purchase of a musical instrument, and there you have it! You’ve passed on your passion to a child who may not otherwise have had the exposure to music education.

The two brains behind this amazing concept, Jessica and Eli, are actually traveling the U.S. to share The Generation Project on a national launch tour! The Generation Project has been thrust into the national spotlight having first won the IdeaBlob ( Contest sponsored by Advanta and then being noticed by Rugby Ralph Lauren (! Their national tour, which is sponsored by Rugby Ralph Lauren, began in Washington, DC and has already traveled to New York City and Chicago! The Generation Project is slated to launch in Boston, Massachusetts and San Francisco, California sometime in September. If you’re in either of those cities, be sure to check The Generation Project website frequently for updates! Their updates are also posted on the Rugby Ralph Lauren blog ( Jessica and Eli are doing amazing things in the name of education. Their continued service to youth is to be commended, and we wish them the best of luck throughout their journey — even though they don’t really need luck. Great work Jessica and Eli!

Yours in service,

Stephen Anfield

AmeriCorps Alums DC Chapter Leader

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