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AmeriCorps Alums at the Capitol in Support of the GIVE Act

March 18, 2009

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, House Chairman George Miller, and a slew of other House leaders, spoke this 3365135981_a68f432757_bmorning at a press conference about the GIVE Act, a bill proposed by Rep Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) in answer to President Obama’s call to involve Americans in building a stronger country through community service. AmeriCorps Alums were there to support the legislation and to represent the thousands of Corps members serving right now around the country!


Miller began strong, laying out what is possible with the passage of this legislation saying, “We know what service to America means… this is a fundamental American value.”   Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer both praised the Obamas- Michelle for her dedication to service and our President for deciding to serve in his community instead of practicing law.  Hoyer also thanked the “young people” for generating $168 billion in ROI each year.  He concluded by saying, “This isn’t just the smart thing. It’s the right thing.”

Also in attendance were Reps Carolyn McCarthy, Dina Titus and Tom Perriello joined by Survivor Corps US Program Manager, Captain (Ret.) Scott Quilty. Quilty said that service saved his life twice: once when an IED in Iraq took his arm and leg and then during recovery when he joined Survivor Corps.

Rep. Tom Perriello was an especially avid champion of AmeriCorps Alums today and has dedicated his life to service and nonprofits and is now serving in Congress.  “Volunteerism is addictive.  Once people volunteer they volunteer for life.”

How true.  Thanks to all who came out today and to all our Representatives working hard to get the GIVE Act passed!

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