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Volunteer Service Solutions Still Needed to Help Fix Katrina

March 3, 2009

Executive Director of the Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service,  Marsha Kelly testified before Congress in 2008 but focused her testimony on the need for volunteers in light of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  The area, four years after the fact, is still in disarray and requires a lot of work.  Kelly suggests to Congress that an increased contribution towards non-profits, NGO’s and faith based relief programs would certainly help to state to clean up and “move on”.

Kelly cites the past efforts of over 700,000 volunteer members including those from AmeriCorps.

“There is no question to anyone in Mississippi that had it not been for the generosity of our US citizens and citizens from other countries as well that we would not be as far along as we are.”

We here at AmeriCorps Alums like to take a neutral stance when it comes to politics but if you do decide to contact your congressmen consider that Hurricane Katrina hit four years ago and that Congress has cut federal funding for AmeriCoprs for the past three years.

Kelly, after many years of service, had retired at the end of January but emphasized that the need for increased funding for AmeriCorps is something Congress should approve in the months to come.

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