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Are you in college? Do you love service?

February 19, 2009

Then ServeNext needs you. {Full job description here}

ServeNext is an innovative grassroots organization that is working to reinvigorate our country’s commitment to service (i.e. AmeriCorps and Peace Corps) and active citizenship as a strategy to address our most pressing social problems. ServeNext’s activities are at the crossroads of field and online organizing, public policy, advocacy, and civic engagement.

ServeNext is looking for Campus Organizers who are responsible for leading a variety of activities on their college campuses to build support for national service and current service legislation. America needs a new era of national service and active citizenship to solve major social challenges, unite the country, and create jobs. Campus Organizers will play an important role in mobilizing college students to help make this happen by working to pass major legislation.  ServeNext is looking for energetic applicants who are committed to service and social justice and interested in politics as a means to improve lives.

ServeNext’s vision is that in the future voluntary service, particularly a year of full-time service, is the common expectation for all Americans.  Let’s all help make that happen!

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  1. Tessa Muggeridge permalink
    February 19, 2009 12:46 pm

    I go to Arizona State University in Phoenix and Tempe. Though it is the largest university in the country, the school and students aren’t particularly active in service in this community. ASU does, however, a leading produce for the Peace Corps. (

    It’s great that people want to dedicate themselves to long periods of serving, but shelters and organizations that need volunteers in Phoenix rarely get ASU students.

    A ServeNext activist at ASU is a great idea… but people who are considering serving in the Peace Crops or with Americorps should consider giving back in their own community first. In the ASU “bubble” it seems like it’s easy to see places in need elsewhere and ignore the poverty right in front of us.

    —Tessa Muggeridge

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