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AmeriCorps Member Spotlight

February 12, 2009


Exciting news out of Cali… the email below was sent from Kathy Chow, the Director of Hands On Sacramento where one of her VISTA members, Christina Edwards is now blogging regularly on the website of their local paper… kudos Christina!  Is she the only AmeriCorps member being published?  Are there alums out there with blogs or websites about service/volunteerism/all the other wonderful things you do? Please share your links with us in the comments section below!

I wanted to send you an email to let you know about some exciting news here at Hands On Sacramento (HOS). Thanks to CNCS and Hands On Network support, HOS has for the last couple of years been able to host incredibly talented MLK VISTA’s. This year we are fortunate to have Cristina Edwards as our MLK VISTA. In the 5 months that she has been with us she has done some amazing things. The first and foremost is her work in developing our MLK Day project. Cristina in partnership with our agency partners created 20 different projects across the Sacramento region. Her efforts allowed us to engage 1,722 volunteers. This is the largest MLK Day event that we have had to date!

Recently, we were contacted by our local paper The Sacramento Bee about blogging on their website. I am happy to say that Cristina is now blogging on a nationally recognized newspaper’s website! Cristina will focus on sharing her story as a VISTA and connecting people to service in our region. I thought this was exciting news to share because to my knowledge I think she is the only VISTA in the nation who is blogging on a newspaper’s website? I also wanted to express my gratitude to you and Hands On Network for choosing us as an expansion site. Without your support my job would be just a little bit more difficult!

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